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Backcountry Lodges


Backcountry Lodges

Offering the ultimate holiday. Full service guided & catered trips with helicopter access at one of many of the private lodges throughout British Columbia.

Kick back in a lavish backcountry lodge with running water and wi-fi, or if you’d like to haul your own water from the creek, stoke the fire, and spend a week out of cell phone service, there is lodge a trip for everyone. 4-7 day trips available.

Starting at $550/person/day


Sunrise Lodge

It’s the southern gateway of the Esplanade and offers stunning views of the Rockies to the west and the Purcells to the south. A short hike to Paradise Ridge rewards you with amazing views in all directions. Sunrise is the first lodge to receive morning light making morning coffee even better with easily the best outhouse views you can ask for! With limited cell coverage, it’s the perfect ratio of staying connected but not too connected. The terrain offers everything, great alpine and tree skiing on all aspects makes it the perfect place to get great skiing in all weather conditions.


Vista Lodge

Vista lodge is set in the middle of a beautiful alpine meadow at the edge of Vista Lake. Vista has five drainages to ski offering a myriad of terrain choices. Vista is also the portal to the big alpine zones off Cherub Glacier to the west. Strategically located at the center of the Esplanade Range combo’d with it’s epic Alpine runs, Vista is famous for its ridiculous spring skiing.

Meadow Lodge 

Famous for its pillow lines right below the hut is also the launching pad to some of the steepest and longest runs in the Esplanades. Numerous, long north and south-facing runs leave great options for various snow conditions. A short hike to Paradise Ridge is the access point for some of the Esplanade’s best west-facing runs. From here you’re treated to incredible views of Mt. Sir Sandford which at an elevation of 11,545 ft or 3519 meters is the highest mountain in the entire Selkirk Range.

Backcountry Lodges
Backcountry Lodges

Sentry Lodge 

Built in 2012, Sentry is an elegantly simple and sustainable new-era backcountry alpine lodge designed to inspire. The lodge gets a lot of attention but the terrain around Sentry truly makes it special. Great tree skiing right below the hut, short walks to epic pillow zones made famous in numerous ski movies. Or head out the back of the hut into Secret Valley for endless alpine runs on varying aspects. Many great natural circuits check all the boxes for what a backcountry ski trip should be.

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